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American Food Is POISONING Us, Calorie Intake Has Remained Constant But Obesity Has SKYROCKETED

Nate Silver Says Politics Is Basically Young People Trying To Fit In, Israel Protests PROVE IT

The Netherlands talked about SEIZING 3000 farms to meet climate goals.

When you realize your entire existence is a lie lol

We just heard EXPLICITLY what their plan is…

Hecklers shout, “Khan Killed London” as Sadiq Khan gives his speech after winning his third term as mayor of London. Muslim population in England has skyrocketed roughly 50% in the past decade.

Bill Gates: “For every disease that we don’t have vaccines, we will try mRNA.” Gates is using the world population as guinea pigs.

NEW: Bill Maher says he is “incensed” that his tax dollars are going towards paying off the student loans of “Jew hating” students. All this criticism of Biden and he will still vote for him.

NEW: Las Vegas man charged with murder after police found him eating a man’s face and eyeballs. Las Vegas is a wild place. In a newly released 911 call, a caller frantically said that 29-year-old Colin Czech ate a man.

NEW: Quadriplegic YouTube star has been charged with two counts of battery on a police officer in Miami, Florida. That’s impressive. 32-year-old Bryant Amastha is unable to use his limbs but somehow managed to assault a police officer.

JUST IN: New York City judge retires to Florida just days after freeing a man who sucker punched a 57-year-old woman in the jaw. Pure evil. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Matthew Sciarrino retired and is moving to Florida after a bizarre ruling.

If the Fed can print all the money it needs out of thin air why do we pay taxes? He’s spot on here. Also, most of our tax dollars go to pay INTEREST on the money printed, which is technically our money, but we borrow it from a private bank (The Fed).

New Trump Ad showing our patriotic young men saying HELL NO!! And putting the AMERICAN FLAG back up and protecting it!!

This is nothing against ladies in general… But THIS CHICK is destined to be a bitter old cat lady!! Even if she changes her mind, no man wants a woman with such a crap attitude. Can you imagine having to listen to her EVERY DAY?!?

One of my favorites from the ‘summer of love’

They were right to keep driving.

Sadiq Khan is getting booed at his victory speech after winning the election for London’s mayor for the third term.

Nancy Pelosi is the latest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her leadership on J6.

It’s incredible how many Christians support Ukraine when the regime throws out parishioners who tried to celebrate Orthodox Easter because the state-run church observes Zelensky’s martial law, which prevents them from openly celebrating the holiday.

What city is this?

I’m dying.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner: “Somebody is radicalizing our students” “There’s some organizations behind this movement” The enemy ISN’T in Russia.

Joe Rogan Reveals Possible Cause Of 9/11 Attacks: “The day before 9/11 Rumsfeld talked about trillions of dollars missing” “Then a plane slams into the very part of the building where they were doing the accounting”

Joe Biden Continues To Release Illegals Into US Communities. This is San Diego, California. Joe Biden is still releasing illegal migrants in San Diego. 2 bus loads of illegals dropped off within 15 minutes of each other.

NEW: Georgia State Rep Mesha Mainor Suing DA Fani Willis “We’re starting to see, there’s a pattern of corruption within the district attorney’s office” Proven falsified evidence out of DA Fani Willis office “Tried to get my son to take a 20-year plea deal by falsifying evidence.”

Medical Doctor Meryl Nass Was Suspended For Sharing “Covid Misinformation” She EXPOSED The WHO’s plan for seizing power using the Pandemic Agreement / changing International Health Regulations using Climate Change as the excuse

Creating Your Own Enemy Is Guaranteed Income For The Military Industrial Complex CIA Agent “The US Gov gave upwards of $70 Billion Dollars to the Pakistani military and ISI while they were funding the Taliban — while the Taliban were carrying attacks against American soldiers”

Donald Trump drops new campaign ad: America-loving frat boys vs. pro-Palestinian rioters

Google banned this pro-Trump ad

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has won reelection. His victory speech was disrupted by loud boos. A man walks across the stage and yells, “Khan killed London!”

Nancy Pelosi receives a Presidential Medal of Freedom for her leadership on Jan. 6

May the cringe be with you

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